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Current Mission Assignment & Member Turn Sheet

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Current Personal Log Entries

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Captain's Log: Vicki D. Birgit
Timeline: Monday, January 12th, 2928 (21:00 Hours)
RE: On Our Way

En route to the joint Culdellian/Erdinnite border as scheduled we should arrive there in 7 days time at the new plus-light speed drive. Although slower than Ultradrive, making it less practical for trans-galactic travel, it should prove more beneficial in the area of shorter trips within our own small section of the cosmos. Not requiring the 3 day acceleration/deceleration process inherent in Ultradrive propulsion plus-light travel grants the user the ability to leave faster-than-light travel without any negligible time required for slow-down---this allowing us to appear back in normal space more according to personal preference.
And with this in mind I plan to take the Chivalric out of plus-light speed further way from the Culdellian/Erdinnite border than originally planned, avoiding as well any use of our ship's v-cloak least either party mistake such subterfuge as a willful act of espionage on our part. Better to be upfront with both sides, a decision meeting as well with the approval of Dr. Engineer Uygralio Yurgratim (head of the Zay-Lah team of engineers assigned us to help monitor our newly added plus-light propulsion system's)...
Given their longer association with both warring factions I trust the Zay-Lah in their advice there as well, Dr. Engineer Yurgratim assuring me that both the Culdellians and Erdinnites appreciate such up-front behavior versus what one might have called a thousand years ago "Sneaky Panther Games".
Even if they react at first in a hostile manner it is still (according to the Zay-Lah) easier to reach at least some sort of mutually beneficial agreement with both parties when approaching them out in the open.
Then again... even so... I nevertheless plan to put this ship on yellow alert upon reappearing in normal space. I'm sure that even the Culdellians and/or Erdinnites should appreciate the difference between honesty and foolhardy recklessness.

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