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Vicki D. Birgit
Timeline: Tuesday, January 13th, 2928 AD (10:37 Hours)
RE: Planning a "Mixer"

En route to the joint Culdellian/Erdinnite border as scheduled, arriving on the Chivalric's bridge after a brief tour of the ship's engineering dept., Vicki came away with mixed impressions concerning the manner in which the Zay-Lah and her own crew personnel were adapting to their relative close confinement---Capt. Birgit keenly aware that this was a first for both Human and Zay-Lah.

All-in-all she couldn't complain at all concerning the professional manner in which each was co-operating with the other, her misgivings running along more personal lines--already observing during their off-duty hours both her crew-women and their Zay-Lah "guests" seemed to keep to themselves. Hoping that the two would prove more interested in each other's company Vicki felt a certain regret that representatives of both species seemed content to segregate themselves from one-another when not required to work together...

Then again it could be considered a positive sign that neither group seemed to actually dislike the other, the problem more along the lines of simple disinterest versus any active dislike.

Still though Vicki wished her crew... both Human and (for the present) Zay-Lah... would take a more personal interest in each other beyond their simple duty-period contact with one another.

And as Captain of the ship in question, she and her human crew playing host to the new Zay-Lah personnel, she realized it was her duty to rectify the situation she perceived amiss. Maybe some social function at which her new Zay-Laheese personnel would be the guests of honour. What might back on Earth be called a "mixer".

And thinking more about it as she took her rightful place on her ship's bridge the more Capt. Vicki D. Birgit liked the idea.

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