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The Many Worlds of Womankind

The Many Worlds
of Womankind...
An Introduction:
Still somewhat under construction, still under developement, this site is nevertheless an online SC-RPG game based on the Jim G. Styles novel, StarChild, unable to acept quite yet new members.
And taking place some 13 years after the actual novel itself---thirteen years after Starchild's unfortunate run-in with the evil, lunatic  "Emerog"---the Tammyite Matriarchate has since then stepped up its production of interstellar craft both exploratory and combat.
And with this increase in the production of interstellar craft the former S.E.A. (Star Exploration Administration) was incorporated in 2917 AD into the newly formed C.S.C. (Commonwealth Star Command) as only one of two branches---the C.A.F. (Commonwealth Armed Forces) being the other.
Then, in the year 2918, the "Colonial Terran Commonwealth" (or Tammyite Matriarchate) made first contact with yet another alien species... the Zay'Lah... this encounter proving more peaceful.
And introducing the Tammyite Matriarchate to other inhabited worlds beyond our own home system, the Zay'Lah provided Womankind as well with detailed star charts of what lay even further out in deep space, presenting the Tammyite Commonweallth with even more opportunities for deep space exploration and scientific research.
So producing in addition to more military craft Womankind also stepped up its production of more StarChild Class starships---their mission: to expand the boundaries of human discovery, knowledge, and civilization...
And among these new exploratory ships is the C.S.C./S.E.A. Chivalric, your opportunity to be one of those specially chosen to serve aboard him---a chance to be one of those first women to discover what awaits all of us in the great beyond.

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This game is based on the novel StarChild by Jim G. Styles and, although it is not a requirement for membership aboard ship, the management recommends players first read StarChild in order to better understand this game and where it takes place.


StarChild is available in both paperback and e-book form at the following sites: Edit Text

StarChild (e-book version) Edit Link

StarChild (paperback)



"To expand without fear Womankind's civilization, knowledge, and personal experience--to grow beyond both the known and even unknown"
--Official C.S.C. Motto
Captain Vicki D. Birgit
-- C.O. --
C.S.C./S.E.A. Chivalric

Although true that only women are allowed in the future to serve aboard active-duty Commonwealth starships, male players are also allowed to participate (provided they are willing to play a female character aboard ship).
And for those interested in playing alien and/or cross-over characters, something might be arranged there, too. Just keep in mind that, except for Womankind itself, all other sentient alien races in this universe are monosexual--a two gender species unique to the Human race.
Otherwise members might be allowed to create their own alien race provided they remember that the focus of the game is the Human race... Womankind... as portrayed in StarChild by Jim G. Styles---its relationships with other races and worlds.






A creative RPG site based on the science-fiction romance novel, StarChild, by Jim G. Styles

StarChild (available in e-book format)

StarChild (or in paperback format)