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The Many Worlds of Womankind

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Mission Reports


Page Summary


On this page is a sample report and assignment summary, access to our ship's current mission assignments and reports available through the link below (the pink & green rose-fempacem).


There crew members will find a basic outline of our current mission parameters plus a RPG turn sheet with which to post all mission reports (including private crew logs).
And among those immediate positions available aboard ship there are:
1) Chief Science Officer
2) Chief Engineer
3) Chief Medical Officer
4) Chief Opperations Officer
5) Chief of Security
6) Chief Navagations Officer
7) Chief of Planetary Exploration
8) Chief Maintenance Officer
Once these positions are full, more positions aboard ship will be posted.


Name: Vicki D. Birgit
Rank: Captain
Position: Ship's C.O. (Chivalric)
Current Assignment:
"The Butterfly Dawn"

It is now the year 2928 (Monday, January 12th to be exact) and the CSC/SEA starship Chivalric is to serve as a test vessel for a new faster-than light drive system courtesy of Womankind's closest ally---the Zay-Lah Monarchy.
And with that in mind a team of Zay-Lah engineers have teporarily joined the Chivalric's crew in order to help with any technical problems that might arise, helping aboard ship until Womankind was totally conversant with the new technology.
Yet before leaving the Commonwealth on their test run of this new technology word arrives that the scientific research vessel, Butterfly Dawn, has become the first of Womankind's deep space starships to vanish during an otherwise routine research mission.
And with the region of space they vanished in being also the site of conflict between two alien species (the Culdellians and Erdinnites) the Commonwealth gives the Chivalric the duty of discovering the Butterfly Dawn's true fate.


Worried that either alien race might consider it an act of war were Womankind to send there a military vessel, they chose instead to send out another deep space exploration, scientific research starship---the Chivalric itself (Captain Vicki D. Birgit commanding)..
Then again there was also the Butterfly Dawn's last communique sent home to the Tammyite Matriarchate. Sent by way of an emergency message bouy it makes mention of a strange energy reading  originating on an unknown planet never charted until this very incident.
So now the CSC/SEA Civalric is already en-route to the Butterfly Dawn's last known estimated whereabouts, traveling at ultralight speeds.

Calendar---2928 AD
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