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Eik'yi Hych'sha'wri Zay'Lah *

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An Introduction to this Site:

It has often been said that Zay'Lah is the most beautiful of all  inhabited worlds as well as the most inacessable to many, the reason for this to be covered here later (as well as the Zay'Lah term "phla'leem" explaining why).
However, for the moment, I  just want to say that this site is intended to introduce to non-Zay'Lah to our world and people from a distinctly Zay'Lah point of view---this site aimed especially at our newest allies, the Human race of Earth: The Tammyite Matriarchate.
And in addition to information in text version I also plan to include pictorial illustrations with which to give those visiting this site a better understanding of my world and people. As the Humans say, "A picture is worth a thousand words".
-- Yours Truly,
May the Great Saint Bless,
Prof. Dr. Tyronius Lorelli Krylah



.A professor of xeno-herstorical studies (the pasts of alien worlds), Prof. Dr. T. L. Krylah was fascinated by Humanity ever since her/his people's first contact with Womankind only 11 years earlier.
Since then she/he has served aboard both the S.E.A.S.S. StarChild as an observer for the Zay'Lah Monarchy, serving now (after enrolling in... and graduating from... the Terran Commonwealth's C.S.C. Academy) aboard the C.S.C./S.E.A. Chivalric as both its Chief Science Officer as well as its X.O.