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Captain Vicki D. Birgit


Captain Vicki D. Birgit
   -- Ship's C.O. --

First Name: Vicki (Victoria)
Middle Name: Deedee
Last Name: Birgit
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Black
Gender: Female 
Age: 35
Position: Ship's C.O.---C.S.C./S.E.A. Chivalric 
Height  6'3"
Weight  210
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Appearance  Dark brown skin, full figure, strong yet attractive with open, sincere facial features.

Personality: Commanding but fair at the very same time. Has an easy-going, cheerful nature while also to maintain an air of professional detachment when dealing with those under her command. Tries at all times to make time for those important to her, family and friends, although her duties take up a vast majority of her time;  
Strengths: Intelligent, hard working, with a keen tactical mind and well developed problem-solving skills. Quick on her feet with a noble bearing and a charismatic personality, and commanding presence.

Weaknesses: Can be something of a workaholic, leading to the inevitable feelings of conflict concerning her qwork VS the time she wishes she could spend more of with her family. Driven, a perfectionist a heart, she has the tendancy to push herself almost to the point of risking her health, unwilling to admit defeat no matter how obvious.
Ambitions:  C.S.C. High Command---The Admialty Board .

Hobbies & Interests  Music, Hiking, Camping, photography
Languages: Com-speak, and some Zay-Lah-eese

Mother:: Dr. Alicia Fiona Birgit
Father:  Mr. Samual Wiliam Dillan-Birgit
Sister(s): Teresa Constance Birgit
Brother(s): Mr. Gregory Quinton Birgit-Wittaker
Spouse:: Mr. Mathew (Matt) Joshua Styles-Birgit
Children: Caroline Martha Birgit
Other Relatives: Helena Deloris Birgit (Maternal Grandmother)
Herstory  Born on Earth in Crysalis City (Located in the North Penn Mountain chain), Ahnteekah, Earth Vicki demonstrated from an early age an interest in both astronomy and the idea of exploring what lay beyond Womankind's own home system in command of her own exploratory starship. And learning at a young age even before StrarChild's bachelor voyage in 2915 that the newly-formed S.E.A,. was setting up an officer's training acadamy on Earth, Vicki joined in hopes of securing a position aboard StarChild as a part of it's "Planetary Exploration" Dept.
Yet while achieving her goal, assigned to StarChild just in time for his fateful voyage to Alpha Centauri, it wasn't until her her transfer to the newly constructed C.S.C./S.E.A. StarDancer in the year 2918 her career started to take-off. Promoted to Deputy Chief of her particular Dept. by the year 2919 she was nominated by her ship's C.O. (Captain Tracy Eleanor Richards) for the newly-formed C.S.C.'s Officer's Cpommand College--graduating with homours in the year 2921.
From there she was promoted to First Officer aboard the C.S.C./S.E.A. Destiny, promoted to Captain and given commmand of the C.S.C./S.E.A. Chivalric in the year 2925. It was also at this time she met her future husband, Mathew J. Styles, who was at that time a free-lance journalist doing a story on newly-promoted starship  C.O.'s, Vicki proposing to him a year later after seeing each other on a constant basis whenever she was back on Earth.
And just a few months ago she and Matt had their first child, Amy Martha Birgit, Matt having her by way of the Seahorse Procedure.