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Welcome Aboard
OCC Posts and Replies
Tue, May 27 2008
In Praise of StarTrek Role Play groups
Mood:  celebratory
Now Playing: Posted originally at another game site
Topic: Commentary
A Commentary written for another site by Prof.Dr. Tyronius L. Krylah; First officer aboard the C.S.C./S.E.A. Chivalric 
My reason for posting this is more along the lines of praise versus complaint; praise for Star Trek RPG's versus all others...
Or at least those based on other science fiction universes.
And saying that it is the respect for creative role play manifest more in Star Trek groups than any other, Trekkers appreciating more than most truly creative role-play thinking outside the box.
For example my persona here, Tyronius, is a Star Trek/StarChild cross over character from another universe/reality than that of Star Trek.
Yet despite my trepidation he/she would end up being rebuffed, denied a place in the 7th fleet, it turned out quite differently than I feared---the administration her not only accepting him/her, but even complimenting my creativity, taking the time to write me a personal e-mail informing me how much they liked the idea of such a cross-over persona.
And for those here who play only Star Trek RPG's. not understanding the reason for my personal worry, the 7th fleet is not only the first Star Trek RPG I submitted his/her character profile to, but likewise the only group that allowed Tyronius admittance here into their IC universe as is.
Then again I guess it's because those who play RPG's based on their favorite Science-fiction reflect the same attitudes as those expressed in each---Star Trek the only one I know preaching such a philosophy as that of the Vulcan IDIC (infinite diversities in infinite combinations).
Or as the Vulcan philosophy goes "The beauty of creation is in its infinite diversity and how those differences combine to create meaning".
No where else do I see that philosophy expressed in other RPG groups, not expressed either in the shows they're based on. Only Star Trek RPG's (and the players themselves) seem to understand as well as practice such an enlightened attitude concerning things like cross over characters and truly creative role play.
For instance the worst, most oppressive RPG's I've encountered before this are those based on Battlestar Galactica (especially those based on that horrid, vile remake versus the original series I loved so much).
Truth be told I always wanted to play such a character as Tyronius there, a cross over character from either Earth or an alien race allied with Earth, only to be denied. Seems they behave like their little TV show is holy scripture, unable to include anything new at all.
Only one such group allowed Tyronius in to their group, the entire experience turning out however a very unpleasant experience---their GM allowing me to create Tyronius, saying I could play him as I described him here, only to go back on his word in a very oppressive matter.
Whenever I tried to write a post, play Tyronius like we both agreed, he'd intercept my mission reports, refusing to let me play him while likewise chewing me out for doing so. And because the character wasn't allowed to be played as what he really was, the other players characters started accusing Tyronius of being a megalomaniac.
And behaving in a most insulting manner the reason he was the recipient of such abusive behavior was because I wasn't allowed to portray him as was originally agreed, many of his personality quirks earning him a bad reputation when the truth is they would have understood better where he was coming from if they'd known his actual background---who and what he was supposed to be.
Truth be told he wasn't even suposed to be from the 12 colonies but Earth instead, an artificial life form using a human avatar to move among others while, in truth, he was an AI sentient starship with a seven digit IQ hiding behind an invisibility cloak.
Or at least that's what Tyronius was supposed to be then at the Battlestar Galactica club mentioned above, having revised and changed his race and place of origin... the end result here for all to see... an actual alien life form that, although not Human, comes from a planet that's an ally of Earth in the StarChild universe.
Seems that the Galacticans were offended by the idea of there being other life forms besides human and cylon in their little universe, refusing to even concede the idea there might be alien beings saomewhere else in deep space who might by acident chance upon the 12 colonies. All because their show hasn't gotten around yet to any alien life forms out there....
A bleak, dark, lonely, and oppresive universe as evidenced in their game, a universe quite unlike the Star Trek universe with its many alien races and philosophy of IDIC.
Then again I'm willing to concede the possibility that the RPG group mentioned above wasn't indicative of other Battlestar Galactica, but only a very oppressive extremist example---hoping still I might run into a Galactica game that does believe in creative role-play, accepting Tyronius with the same warm hospitality as I was welcomed here.
However, for at least the moment right now, I'll have to postpone future criticism while nevertheless thanking at least the Star Trek RPG's for being much more open minded than those others I've encountered before.
-- Live Long and Prosper..
May the Great Saint Bless...
PS: the above salutation, "May the Great Saint Bless", is a greeting taken from the StarChild universe from which I, Tyronius, originally came.

Posted by tammyite1 at 2:43 AM EDT
Updated: Tue, May 27 2008 2:58 AM EDT
Thu, Nov 15 2007
Welcome Aboard
Mood:  cool
Topic: Welcome Aboard

Dear Friends,

Although the site isn't quite compete yet I thought I might as well open it to the public while continuing to work on the rest of it. In my opinion it's at least complete enough to play, planning to make corrections to player posts in which mistakes might be made due to lack of information.

 In fact this is why I have yet to post any major rules, able to correct posts before they are posted. That way nobody needs to worry about breaking ny unknown rule here.

However, despite all that, if anyone here has questions please feel free to ask. No rules here against asking questions.

 -- The Management

Posted by tammyite1 at 9:35 PM EST
Updated: Thu, Nov 15 2007 9:45 PM EST

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